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DC Energy Are Food Production Investment Program (FPIP) Experts!

DC Energy Are Food Production Investment Program (FPIP) Experts!

$17 Million in FPIP Grant Funding

DC Energy has secured more than $17 million in FPIP grant funding to date for our clients, resulting in a projected annual greenhouse gas reduction of 14,881 MTCO2e.

California Food Processors – You May Qualify for Up To $8 Million in Project Funding

What is the Food Production Investment Program (FPIP)?

The food processing industry is one of California’s largest producers of greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions contribute to global climate change, as well as negatively impacting local air quality and public health. In an effort to help the state’s food processors reduce their energy use and subsequent emissions profile, the California Energy Commission created the FPIP grant program. This grant program prioritizes projects that will most benefit disadvantaged and low-income communities.

  • Grants Cover Up to 85% of Eligible Costs for Qualified Projects
  • Funding Ranges from $100K to $8MM Per Project
  • Projects Reduce Energy Costs While Upgrading Critical Processing Infrastructure
  • Funding Pays for Equipment, Measurement and Verification and Engineering Design Costs

Qualifying Projects

As of 2019, the FPIP Program has Helped Food Producers Save More than 304-Million kWh’s of Electricity.

Currently, the FPIP has allocated $10 million for Tier 1 projects with an additional $25 million expected to release in 2023.

Through a competitive application process, FPIP awards grants to projects that improve public health with a higher application score for projects in identified priority communities.

Current first round submission deadline is January 25, 2023! Contact us today to get started.

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Sample Qualifying Projects:

  • Compressor Controls and System Optimization
  • Machine Drive Controls and Upgrades
  • Advanced Motor and VFD Optimization
  • Wastewater System Efficiency
  • Process Equipment Insulation
  • Refrigeration Optimization
  • Drying Equipment
  • Boilers, Economizer Upgrades
  • Steam Trap, Condensate Return and Heat Recovery Systems
  • HVAC, Compressed Air and Boiler Control Upgrades

DC Energy Provides Full Service FPIP Project Implementation

We’re here to help food processing facilities in California’s Central Valley and beyond identify FPIP-qualifying energy efficiency projects. We use our years of experience in energy and sustainability management to develop these projects and write competitive grant applications that have already resulted in more than $17 million in funding for our clients. Additionally, our team has performed the required Measurement and Verification (M&V) and Grant Management tasks necessary to participate in the FPIP on behalf of our winning applicants. This alleviates the burdens of the program and allows the customer to focus on what they do best to ensure project success.

  • Project Development
  • Grant Development
  • Grant Management
  • Measurement & Verification

14,881 MTCO2e

Projected Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions Savings

461,679 Therms

Projected Annual Natural Gas Savings

14,285,858 kWh

Projected Annual Electricity Savings

$17 Million

DC Energy Client Awarded FPIP Funds