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Sustainability Engineers

DC Energy Serves Food Processing and Heavy Industrial Facilities in California’s Central Valley & Beyond

Who We Are

We are professional sustainability engineers committed to helping our clients meet their energy management goals.

Carbon Management | Energy Efficiency | Renewables |Tariff Analysis |Tax Credits


We have years of experience planning, implementing, managing and verifying energy projects designed to meet multiple objectives.

ROI | Operational Efficiency | External Mandate Compliance | Technology Future-Proofing |Carbon Reduction


We serve as your partner in sustainable operations – We’re here when you need us, gone when you don’t.

Advisory | Technical Consulting | Planning | Owner Representation | Project Management |Asset Development


We are client advocates assisting the full range of food processing and heavy industrial energy service providers. 

Utility Companies | Contractors |Project Developers | Energy Consultants


Principal Engineer, Co-Founder

Jack DiGiacomo


With over two decades of experience in Food Processing and a solid 14-year track record in management, construction, consulting, energy engineering, sustainability management, and funding programs, Mr. DiGiacomo is a seasoned professional at the forefront of energy management innovation. His expertise encompasses energy-efficient design, wastewater management, compressed air, vacuum systems, industrial refrigeration, HVAC, process cooling, fluid handling, lighting, and process improvements.

While specializing in Demand Side Management (DSM) solutions, Mr. DiGiacomo actively facilitates Distributed Energy Resource (DER) solutions and participates in DSM and DER programs on a national scale. As the President and Co-Founder of DC Energy Services, he leads the charge in overseeing the multi-disciplinary operations of the company.

Mr. DiGiacomo holds prestigious certifications including Performance Measurement and Verification Analyst (PMVA), Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP), and Certified Energy Manager (CEM). His commitment to professional excellence is further underscored by his past role as the president of the Association of Energy Engineers – San Joaquin Valley Chapter.

With a proven track record, he has played a pivotal role in over 150 projects, securing over $20MM in funding and delivering annual cost savings exceeding $20MM for clients. Mr. DiGiacomo's comprehensive skill set, leadership, and dedication to advancing sustainable energy solutions position him as a driving force in the industry, consistently delivering value and innovation to his clients.

Principal Engineer, Co-Founder

Thomas Cochran


Seasoned energy professional with 8 years of expertise in the energy management sector and over 6 years of experience in the industrial refrigeration field. Holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Thermal Fluids and Alternative Energy. Early career involved hands-on experience as a Refrigeration Technician Apprentice at Cochran Mechanical Inc. Transitioned to Lockheed Martin as a Project Engineer for 3+ years, contributing to the success of Southern California Edison’s Industrial Energy Efficiency Program.

Currently serving as the Vice President and Co-Founder of DC Energy Services, an esteemed engineering and consulting firm specializing in Industrial Systems, Energy Engineering, and Project Management. Holds certifications as a Professional Engineer (PE) and a Certified Energy Manager (CEM). Passionate about driving sustainable and efficient solutions in the energy landscape.

Environmental Engineer

Victoria Quinn

Victoria Quinn leverages her expertise in energy/water conservation, greenhouse gas emissions reporting, and project management to spearhead the creation of strategic carbon reduction initiatives for diverse clients at DC Energy. A graduate of UC Santa Barbara with a degree in environmental science, Victoria has garnered several years of experience supporting environmental compliance initiatives in both the private and public sectors. Currently pursuing her California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) practice certificate, she is dedicated to expanding her skill set in environmental documentation and reporting to state and federal agencies, ensuring she remains at the forefront of cutting-edge environmental practices.

Wastewater Engineer

John Sturdivant

As part of the DC Energy wastewater efficiency team, John Sturdivant brings a combination of academic insight and professional experience to our technical consultation portfolio. With dual degrees in Biology and Chemical Engineering, John has a comprehensive understanding of wastewater treatment and environmental regulations. Prior to joining DC Energy Services, he honed his skills first by working for state environmental regulatory bodies and then as a wastewater engineer in the private sector. John has leveraged his education and expertise to assist clients representing a variety of industries, including food processing, agriculture, steel manufacturing, and landfill leachate. His experience and skillsets help DC Energy provide wastewater consulting services including but not limited to: treatment solutions, identification and implementation of operational process enhancements, and compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

Company Affiliations

  • Association of Energy Engineers
  • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers
  • California Air Resource Board
  • California Energy Commission
  • California League of Food Producers
  • Compressed Air Challenge
  • Efficiency Valuation Organization
  • International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration
  • Investor Confidence Project
  • Kern Economic Development Corporation
  • Microgrid Knowledge
  • Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association
  • San Joaquin Valley Manufacturing Alliance

From Faraday Microgrid’s perspective, the DC Energy Services team is unparalleled in the range and quality of work they provide. They are our first choice for facilities analysis, optimization, measurement and verification.

David Bliss, MDCEO, Faraday Microgrids

With DCE’s help, we secured nearly $3 million in funding to upgrade our processing equipment… We’re now on track to save nearly a half million dollars a year in energy costs, and our employees, neighbors and families are benefiting from the significant reduction in emissions.

Armand NicholiCFO, OWB Packers

DC Energy Services helped us secure just under $5.5MM in state grant funds to upgrade our baking facility’s industrial refrigeration system. I would highly encourage those seeking a trusted energy and/or sustainability advisor, to engage DCE.

Sean LeeGeneral Manager, Jessie Lord Bakery

DCE is overseeing our Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions reporting to help us establish goals to reach carbon neutrality within our supply chain. I cannot emphasize enough, the value they have brought to us and our operations.

Engineering ManagerFood Processing Facility

With a focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the industrial sector, Skyven Technologies is delighted to work with fellow engineers and experts in the space. DCE offers complimentary services to our own, allowing customers to achieve attractive returns for novel projects in the industrial and food processing space.

Arun Gupta, PhDFounder & CEO, Skyven Technologies Inc.

DC Energy Services has been an excellent partner to our company since we engaged them in 2019. Their communication skills and project management capabilities have been instrumental to our team’s success and execution of complex projects. They routinely provide industry insights that allow us to make smarter and more strategic decisions related to our business, energy usage and carbon footprint.

Bill Honnef, PresidentOne World Energy