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Owner’s Representative Services

Start to finish oversight, guidance and coordination for all types of projects.

As a business operating in today’s modern landscape, technically complex and economically risky projects are becoming more and more common.

DC Energy’s Owner’s Representative Services are designed to help site managers and business owners plan and manage projects for maximum ROI. Our role in this capacity is to safeguard the interests of project owners throughout all project phases, from conception to completion. When you work with DC Energy, you work with a team that prioritizes your objectives and provides expert guidance for outcomes that correspond with your vision, budget, and timeline.

  • Do you need assistance implementing a complex project?
  • Are you looking for an expert representative who can take on all aspects of project development and management?
  • Are maximum ROI and efficiency high-level objectives?

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DC Energy Owner’s Representative Services Include


Project Planning and Strategy

We work closely with our clients to develop a comprehensive project strategy, including scope, plan, goals, timeline, budget, and resources.

Team Selection

We help assist in selecting the project team, including architects, engineers, contractors, and other consultants. If needed, we can also help with the procurement process, by evaluating potential candidates and negotiating contracts.

Project Oversight

Throughout the project's lifecycle, we deliver consistent oversight and coordination, ensuring all parties work cohesively and that the project stays on track.

Budget and Cost Management

We monitor expenses, identify cost-saving opportunities, address overruns, and assist in evaluating change orders and managing any other financial matter that may arise.

Schedule Management

We help create and maintain a realistic project schedule and throughout the project, we’ll identify potential delays and work with the project team to mitigate any risks that may impact the timeline.

Quality Control

To maintain quality standards, we can conduct regular site inspections, review construction progress, and verify compliance with project plans and specifications.

Risk Management

Identifying and managing project risks is one of our essential roles. Through risk assessment and mitigation, we will strategize for potential issues and use our understanding of risk to ensure that the project is adequately insured.

Communication and Reporting

As the liaison between the project owner and the project team, we maintain open lines of communication at all times and provide regular progress reports to all stakeholders.

Change Management

As the project evolves, changes are likely to occur. We’ll help manage change requests, assess their impact on the project, and work with the team to implement necessary adjustments.

Project Closeout

When the project nears completion, we oversee the closeout process, including final inspections, punch lists, and project turnover.

From Faraday Microgrid’s perspective, the DC Energy Services team is unparalleled in the range and quality of work they provide. They are our first choice for facilities analysis, optimization, measurement and verification.

David Bliss, MDCEO, Faraday Microgrids

With DCE’s help, we secured nearly $3 million in funding to upgrade our processing equipment… We’re now on track to save nearly a half million dollars a year in energy costs, and our employees, neighbors and families are benefiting from the significant reduction in emissions.

Armand NicholiCFO, OWB Packers

DC Energy Services helped us secure just under $5.5MM in state grant funds to upgrade our baking facility’s industrial refrigeration system. I would highly encourage those seeking a trusted energy and/or sustainability advisor, to engage DCE.

Sean LeeGeneral Manager, Jessie Lord Bakery

DCE is overseeing our Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions reporting to help us establish goals to reach carbon neutrality within our supply chain. I cannot emphasize enough, the value they have brought to us and our operations.

Engineering ManagerFood Processing Facility

With a focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the industrial sector, Skyven Technologies is delighted to work with fellow engineers and experts in the space. DCE offers complimentary services to our own, allowing customers to achieve attractive returns for novel projects in the industrial and food processing space.

Arun Gupta, PhDFounder & CEO, Skyven Technologies Inc.

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