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Wastewater Consulting Services

We Help Industrial Facilities and Private Organizations Develop and Maintain Efficient, Sustainable Wastewater Management Practices.

DC Energy’s wastewater consulting services help businesses address their wastewater-related challenges. We play a crucial role in helping our clients meet environmental standards, improve operational efficiency, and adopt sustainable practices to manage wastewater in a way that results in more cost-effective compliance.

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Our Wastewater Services Include


Wastewater Treatment Engineering Evaluation

By understanding wastewater characteristics, volume, and contaminants, we work with clients to evaluate their wastewater treatment system’s operation and treatment protocols to to meet their specific needs.

Regulatory Compliance and Permitting

We assist our clients in navigating complex environmental regulations and treatment protocols to meet local, state, and/or federal permits for wastewater discharges and comply with any applicable environmental laws.

Process Optimization and Troubleshooting

By analyzing existing wastewater treatment systems, we identify inefficiencies and target areas for improvement. Our optimization processes address operational issues and bottlenecks to enhance treatment performance and reduce operating costs.

Feasibility Studies

Our feasibility studies assess the viability and economic feasibility of retrofits/replacements of existing wastewater treatment systems by evaluating various treatment options, estimating costs, and forecasting potential benefits.

Wastewater Reuse and Resource Recovery

We help our clients explore opportunities for wastewater reuse and resource recovery, such as reclaiming treated wastewater for irrigation, industrial processes, or replenishing aquifers. We also identify potential sources of valuable resources, like energy or nutrients, that can be recovered from wastewater.

Project Management and Construction Oversight

Our project management and construction oversight services lend expertise to the implementation of wastewater treatment projects from design to construction through commissioning so that projects are completed on time and within budget.

Monitoring and Reporting

By analyzing data and evaluating the effectiveness of the treatment processes, we help our clients establish monitoring programs that track the performance of wastewater treatment systems and ensure regulatory compliance.

Sustainable and Green Solutions

Our consultants are adept at implementing innovative technologies and green practices that minimize the environmental impact of wastewater discharge and promote sustainable and environmentally friendly operations.

From Faraday Microgrid’s perspective, the DC Energy Services team is unparalleled in the range and quality of work they provide. They are our first choice for facilities analysis, optimization, measurement and verification.

David Bliss, MDCEO, Faraday Microgrids

With DCE’s help, we secured nearly $3 million in funding to upgrade our processing equipment… We’re now on track to save nearly a half million dollars a year in energy costs, and our employees, neighbors and families are benefiting from the significant reduction in emissions.

Armand NicholiCFO, OWB Packers

DC Energy Services helped us secure just under $5.5MM in state grant funds to upgrade our baking facility’s industrial refrigeration system. I would highly encourage those seeking a trusted energy and/or sustainability advisor, to engage DCE.

Sean LeeGeneral Manager, Jessie Lord Bakery

DCE is overseeing our Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions reporting to help us establish goals to reach carbon neutrality within our supply chain. I cannot emphasize enough, the value they have brought to us and our operations.

Engineering ManagerFood Processing Facility

With a focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the industrial sector, Skyven Technologies is delighted to work with fellow engineers and experts in the space. DCE offers complimentary services to our own, allowing customers to achieve attractive returns for novel projects in the industrial and food processing space.

Arun Gupta, PhDFounder & CEO, Skyven Technologies Inc.

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